Responsible, Sustainable, Actionable

Our commitment to growth-oriented investing is one of the many ways we are a successful steward of our investors’ capital. As we identify these growth opportunities and the potential to create lasting value, we incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into our investment process and day-to-day operations.

We take a broad view on the factors that make an investment more resilient, sustainable, and valuable.”

Corporate Governance

Warburg Pincus has a rigorous Code of Ethics, Compliance Manual, and Personal Trading Policy, as well as an Oversight Committee that assists with internal policies and procedures relating to compliance matters. Our governance practices include:

  • Conducting annual training programs and testing to help ensure that all employees fully comply with our Code of Ethics and other firm policies, including policies relating to compliance with anti-bribery regulations
  • Investing our own capital alongside our investors
  • Not taking any deal, advisory, board, or monitoring fees1
  • Holding seats on the boards of the vast majority of our portfolio companies and encouraging best practices in their corporate governance

We believe effective governance is essential to growth and success. That’s why we make available frameworks and processes to our portfolio companies as needed, which they can adapt to their own operations and cultures.

1 Any such fees received by Warburg Pincus or its employees are credited to the respective fund as a 100% offset to management fees.

Warburg Pincus Code of Ethics — Key Takeaways

Act in the best interest of our funds and fund investors

Avoid personal conflicts of interest

Appropriately use our position of trust

Protect and prevent the misuse of non- public information that we possess

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Responsible, Sustainable, Actionable