Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Furthering our Commitment to Diversity

We believe diversity of thought, experience, and background is an important component of differentiated decision-making and creative investing. For the past decade, we have taken steps to both increase the diversity of our global colleagues and to create an inclusive culture where all colleagues’ contributions and perspectives are both valued and are additive to the workplace experience. We recognize there is continued work to be done for our industry, our own workforce, and those of our portfolio companies to look more like the societies in which we live and work.

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DE&I Council

Warburg Pincus Council for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Warburg Pincus Council for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We formed the inaugural Warburg Pincus Council for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in 2020 to formalize our efforts to actively address issues of access and representation in our firm, in our business, and in our portfolio companies. The council is co-led by our CEO, Chip Kaye, and President, Jeff Perlman. It is chaired by Roy Ben-Dor, Head of Energy Transition & Sustainability, and comprises a diverse group of colleagues who span all levels of seniority, functional expertise, and tenure at the firm.

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1As of Q1 2024

Using available advice, research, and data, the DE&I Council’s efforts focus on the following objectives:

Building capacity and competency to attract, retain, and lead a diverse workforce.

Creating and sustaining a safe and supportive work environment that allows all colleagues to be their authentic self and ensures equal access to opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

Focusing initially on gender globally, and on underrepresented groups such as race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation/identity in the U.S. and the U.K.

Supporting positive and proactive progress on DE&I initiatives at our firm, our portfolio companies, and other spheres of influence in which we operate.

Employee Networks

In 2023, the DE&I Council launched two additional employee networks, bringing our total number of employee networks to six. These networks are open to all colleagues and help to promote the firm’s culture of inclusivity, understanding, and respect. Each network has a vibrant and dynamic membership base, comprised of both allies and individuals who identify with the networks’ focus areas, fostering a rich exchange of perspectives and experiences.

is a global employee network with a special focus on addressing the unique challenges and advancing the careers of women. Its mission is to provide a sense of community and inclusion to support and advance the careers of 400+ women at the firm through development, empowerment, and connection.

is an employee network that provides a forum, programming, and content for colleagues in the US of Hispanic or Latin American origin with the goal of enhancing community, networking, and furthering career development.

provides a safe space for engagement on various issues, including equity and inclusion. Its mission is to advocate for the recruitment, retention, advancement, and development for Black employees at the firm.

fosters an inclusive and supportive environment for networking among colleagues in the US with a special focus on celebrating and understanding the cultures and experiences of those with East Asian, South Asian, Central Asian or Pacific Islander heritage. They strive to create an environment in which all members can build meaningful relationships, share resources, and develop professionally by providing a platform for connection. The network also provides a safe space to discuss identity and cultural experiences.

is a global LGBTQ+ employee network, dedicated to fostering an inclusive community. They offer insightful programming and resources designed to enhance networking opportunities and career advancement. Their mission is to unite and empower employees through a shared commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and professional growth.

provides connectivity and community for parents, and prospective parents, at the firm with the goal of helping parents to navigate the intersection and balance between their careers and their home lives. The network embraces every type of family and is committed to creating, cultivating, and sustaining a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion while supporting our many parents and prospective parents.

Partnerships for Greater Diversity

Firm-level Partnerships

We support and utilize the following organizations that provide mentoring, training, and professional education to our diverse professionals, as well as, in some cases, access to potential employee candidates for the firm.

Board-level Partnerships

Warburg Pincus partners with the following third-party organizations to further our commitment to DE&I and seek to increase representation across our portfolio companies:

For more on Warburg Pincus DE&I initiatives, please see our Sustainability Report

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